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Kwaku Manu Zionfelix.pngplay videoKwaku Manu in an interview with Zionfelix
Kumawood actor cum musician, Kwaku Manu has stated that due to the many hardships in Ghana currently, many married men are even afraid to sleep with their wives.

The comic actor added that because many men are afraid of the cost they will have to bare to bail their wives from the hospital, they have decided to live in fear of engaging in sexual intercourse with their spouses.

The ‘Kwaku Manu Educational Complex’ owner used the examples of the cases he witnessed when he visited the Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital with his ‘mom’, Prophetess Vida Osei Mensah on December 5, 2018, to make his point.

He disclosed that a lady told them that her husband left her in the hospital because he expected her to give birth to only one child but instead the lady gave birth to twins.

Also, another man told them that if Prophetess Vida Osei Mensah had not selected his wife as a part of the 21 people she generously helped to go back home to the families, he would have committed suicide.

Kwaku Manu, therefore, stated that the cases of these people and the many others who are out there facing many difficulties financial are the reasons why he believes men are afraid to have sex with the wives now.

Watch Kwaku Manu’s full interview below:

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