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Lamisi MusicLamisi
Songstress Lamisi has said that female artistes in Ghana cannot be like their male counterparts although there has been an attempt to compete with the men.

She said female artistes cannot endure the conditions their male counterparts face on a daily basis in line with their music career.

Speaking in an interview with Prince Benjamin on Tuesday, 29 January 2019 on the Class Drive on Class 91.3FM, the singer said there are certain situations that men can survive which women will not.

“… The situation men can go through as artistes, a female artiste may not be able to stand that and she might give up”.

She continued: “I won’t say my gender is not helping me, no, I think if you are a female artiste and you look beyond that setback and limitations and you still strive, you even stand a better chance if you know your left from your right.”

Known in real life as Regina Awiniman Lamisi Anabilla Akuka, the songstress sings in the Kusaal language, which is spoken primarily in the Northern Region.

Lamisi is currently promoting her new song ‘The way you control’.

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