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Ohemaa Woyeje DjRadio presenter, Ohemaa Woyeje
Radio personality, Ohemaa Woyeje has asked for prayers for the Multimedia Group of Companies after taking an official bow this week, can report.

According to her, the organization has personalities as managers who are on their high horses and are not humble like the owner, Kwasi Twum.

Ohemaa made this known in her write-up announcing her exit from the media group where she has spent six years of her life.

She said “Shouts to current Adom managerfo).May God bless Kwasi Twum with superiors who are down to earth like himself to maintain consistent staff”.

Ohemaa this week resigned from Multimedia Group’s Adom FM after her position as Mid morning host was taken from her.

According to Ohemaa it was a breach of her contract and she therefore could not continue to endure the utter disregard by managers of the media conglomerate

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