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Patapaa Weedplay videoPatapaa Amisty
“I don’t smoke wee” were the words of the ‘One Corner’ musician, Patapaa Amisty when he was asked by Andy Dosty on the Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM on Friday if he smokes marijuana.

Some online portals after the musician returned from his European tour reported that he smoked about €80 worth of marijuana throughout his performances.

Patapaa denied the allegation.

According to him, he suspects the source disseminating the story to tarnish his image must be a smoker himself because he, Patapaa, was just a visitor on a ‘foreign’ land seeking greener pastures.

He explained that, if a faceless person claims to have supplied him marijuana then it means the person must be a drug dealer himself to run his name in the mud.

“I don’t smoke marijuana and I don’t even know the wee they are talking about. This isn’t right. You can’t do that to other A-list acts like Shatta Wale,” Patapaa fumed.

Patapaa further revealed the promoter who sent him on the tour wasn’t transparent with him.

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