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It has been barely three days since SarkCess Music parted ways with rapper Strongman after rumours of friction between label owner Sarkodie and the young rapper.

While some people are criticising Sarkodie for not extending the contract of Strongman, others have attributed the separation to the attitude of Strongman towards his mentor, Sarkodie.

One of such people is artiste manager and entertainment critic, Mr Logic who has called the young rapper disrespectful. 

His comment comes after Strongman tweeted, “most good footballers turn to be bad coaches. Don’t be deceived.”

Many thought he was subtly jabbing Sarkodie and the SarkNation fans were not happy with the tweet. 

“How can you write that?” Mr Logic quizzed referring to the Strongman’s tweet.

According to Mr Logic, many young artistes turn to look down on older artistes who feature them or help them in their music career.

When the young artistes get to know you and your skeletons, they spread it around when they no longer work with the older artistes, he stated.

“Strongman is a typical example of such young disrespectful artistes,” he told Andy Dosty on DayBreak Hitz on Hitz FM.

Mr Logic said he has never liked Strongman and was against Sarkodie signing the artiste in 2017.

He explained, artistes do not have to sign others to prove their support. 

“Where did Sarkodie go wrong by signing Strongman? Who was Strongman until Sark came into the picture? I’m not sure he would have been able to afford a feature with Sark,” he added.

Mr Logic stated, Strongman’s tweet is nothing new to him because some artiste are used to doing that.

“It is a typical vibe of ungratefulness and should not be entertained,” he added.

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