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Tracey Boaky CampaignTracey Boakye
With contrary suggestions from the camp of the opposition National Democratic Congress as to whether or not they will allow celebrities to campaign in the upcoming 2020 elections, one of the key celebrities for the party in the round up to the 2016 election, Tracey Boakye has stated emphatically that she will still campaign for John Dramani Mahama come 2020.

According to the talented actress and entrepreneur, her focus is to see her godfather back into power to change the fortunes of the country politically and is not concerned about the theatrics and banter some of the leaders of the party have been exhibiting recently.

When she was asked in the video available to if her unwillingness to sit back and enjoy herself while the party fights its way back into power in 2020 was because of the financial benefit she will get, the Short Code boss laughed hysterically.

She then disclosed that there has not been any single occasion in her entire association with the party when she was even given a single cedi. Tracy stressed that all the campaign she did for the party was for free.

She also debunked the assertion that her recently opened ‘Short Code By Tracey Boakye’ bar and lounge was a project that was funded by the opposition government. The mother of one made the point that it would have been great if they funded it because she worked hard for the party but they did not.

Tracey emphasized that work on the nice joint located at the Patasi area of Kumasi started at the time the party was not even in power.

Watch the video of actress Tracey Boakye stating emphatically that she will still campaign for NDC in 2020:

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