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Shirley Frimpong Manso Smiling 2Movie producer, Shirley Frimpong Manso
Ghanaian filmmakers will soon heave a sigh of relief as MoMoMo, a new film distribution platform, comes to rescue their ailing film industry.

The platform will officially be launched in Accra on July 1, after which it will continuously provide opportunities for filmmakers to make their products very accessible to their cherished audiences in Africa and beyond.

This comes in the wake of suggestions that Ghana’s film industry is dying partly because there are not many distribution channels that help producers to sell their films.

Currently, the only channels available to filmmakers to distribute their films after showing in the cinemas are YouTube and other foreign platforms.

MoMoMo is expected to enliven the standards to help producers make good proceeds from their investments.

It is a described as transactional video on demand/pay-per view video platform for high quality movies. It will be providing all African diaspora film, TV and digital content producers and distributors the ability to generate direct transactional revenue for their content. 

The platform also allows them introduce their latest African content trends to global audiences.

MoMoMo is curated platform which delivers amazing African movies to its users by premiering premium cinema quality entertainment right onto their phones.

It is built on a technology platform that maximizes technology design for the African market and all developing world markets with low bandwidth speeds and mobile money only transactions exist.

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