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Sad Broken Heart RelationshipFile photo
A young man has been left brokenhearted after his girlfriend of six years left him to go and marry another man.

According to a Twitter user, Papi Cazorla, who shared the story on social media, the guy had been dating the lady without much problems. 

Though they had be planning in the last two years to get married, things had not materialised and the guy was trying his best. 

Recently, there had been pressure mounting from the girl's family for the guy to come perform the marriage rites. 

To get the pressure off, the jilted man had planned to go and do a knocking ceremony for the lady on her birthday in July 2019.

But in the morning Friday, June 14, 2019, the guy received a call from one of the friends of his woman to come to the Suntreso Hospital in Kumasi. 

Thinking that the girlfriend had been hospitalised, he took some money and hurriedly went to the hospital. 

When he got to the hospital, he saw his girlfriend and the lady who had called him. The two of them handed him an envelope and upon opening it, he realised his girlfriend was getting married to another man. 

The lady is getting married to her old schoolmate who has just returned from abroad. 

In an obvious bid to 'compensate' the guy who is a photographer, she was asking him to take up the photography job for her wedding. 

The story as shared by the Twitter user has got diverse reactions. While some think he got what he deserved for wasting the girl's time, others have sympathised with him.

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