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Bro Paul Zylofonplay videoBro Paul says the Church should be interested in building children's home
Ghanaian gospel musician Bra Paul has condemned the idea of the Ghana Church of Pentecost chapter proposing to build a prison. 

During an interview with him on “Showbiz Agenda” on Zylofon FM 102.1, he told the host Sammy Flex that, it would have been better for the church to build a children’s home instead of a prison.

“Sammy i don’t think building a prison is important. No, I wouldn’t support the church for that idea but to me, I think it would be better to build a children’s home instead of a prison. The Christ we are following loved these helpless children and he will be happy if we invest this money in them. 

"These homeless children tend to be the criminals and armed robbers and i think when we get them a better place and even pay some of their school fees, nobody will commit a crime not to talk of taking them to the prisons. So i think they should build a children’s home” he narrated.

According to him, he thinks if the church is a follower of Christ, then they should build a children’s home instead of a prison because children were what Christ loved. He further stated that, the churches should come together as a body and organize an awards ceremony to support the gospel musicians.

"I have spoken to some of my co gospel musicians that the church should come together and organize an awards ceremony for us, if not then I support the government’s idea of churches paying taxes. I think they are losing their responsibility on us. If every church is to pay taxes, it could help the government run the free education policy better. That’s God’s work helping people physically not just by prayers. You think if a person is hungry and you come to preach, they will listen to you” he questioned.

Talking about how holy a gospel musician could be before doing gospel music, he told the host Sammy Flex that, it isn’t compulsory that a gospel musician must be hundred percent holy before doing gospel music. 

“There is a difference between the gift and the character. You shouldn’t be fully holy before doing gospel. We are all humans and everyone sins” he concluded.

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