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Keche Andrew's wife tattooed his name on her handKeche Andrew's wife tattooed his name on her hand
The wife of Keche Andrew, Joana Gyan, has tattooed the musician's name on her hand, a photo sighted by has shown.

Joana Gyan, the CEO of Golden Empire Legacy Limited (owner of the record label under which Keche is signed to), and Andrew, one half of the Keche music duo got married in a traditional wedding.

Following their wedding on Saturday, November 30, 2019, social media has been awash with many negative comments about the couple.

But unperturbed about the negativity, Joana has even shown more love to Keche Andrew by permanently inking his name on her hand.

Not only did Joana write Andrew's name but she went on to disclose what the singer really meant to her saying Andrew is the rhythm to her heartbeat.

"Keche Andrew, the rhythm to the beat of my heart," the tattoo on Joana's hand read.

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