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Shatta Wale ChildishShatta Wale
Ghana's superstar, Shatta Wale regardless of his status in society and the country, in general, take certain actions which are childish and not expected from an individual of his calibre.

To him, he is a businessman who will use all means possible to make the billions but to the world, some of his actions are childish and needs to be relooked at.

This year, the champion was involved in a lot of things some of which are childish and needs to be relooked at.

Let's take a look at some of these things we consider as childish and need to be looked at by himself and his management.

1. Shatta Wale shooting in his house

We consider this as one and the paramount in all the childish acts by the dancehall king. Shatta Wale should have known that it was unnecessary to be shooting in his house at that particular moment in the name of scaring thieves away. This action by the artiste should be condemned and not made to happen again.

2. Insulting Timaya, Patoranking who had done nothing to him

He called it business, I called it childish when I read posts and finally listened to a vulgar song which directed at some acts who had done nothing wrong to him. Regardless of the fact that you want to conquer Africa, I believe he should have entered the market with good music and not the vulgar music.

3. Slapping his bodyguard and claiming it was a stagecraft rehearsed for weeks

Well, the slap was not needed and the fact that Shatta Wale was finding several ways to cover up the fact that he had assaulted his bodyguard. There were several contradictions from what he said and his baby mama's posts on Facebook.

4. SM Fans will make your life hell when you come to Ghana -Shatta Wale to Wizkid

This statement by the Dancehall King to me was very childish and not important. You create the feeling in members of your empire that they can harass Wizkid when he comes to Ghana when you know certainly that some of your fans are fanatics and will end up truly attacking the Nigerian artiste.

5. Shatta Wale saying he will charge media before interviews

The Dancehall artiste is a known loose talker and in one of his rants, he indicated that he will not grant interviews for free because the media always skews his interviews and make him look bad. This was unnecessary because he knows the essence of the media in his budding career.

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