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 Musician Patience Nyarko

Musician Patience Nyarko

Popular Ghanaian gospel songwriter and singer, Patience Nyarko has said that the old gospel musicians did not do anything extraordinary compared to songs being churned out by current musicians.

Current gospel stars have come under fire from a section of the public who believe their songs are “not spirit-filled” compared to the old gospel singers.

Speaking in an interview with Roman Fada on Atinka Fm’s drive time show, the “Wafom Kwan” hitmaker said that, the new crop of gospel musicians in the country are really doing well so Ghanaians should appreciate it and show them support them instead of always discouraging them.

According to her, it’s about time Ghanaians stopped discouraging them with such comparisons because they are really doing well in the ministry as the old generation came to do their part.

“If they think current songs are not good, they should also note that there were also gospel singers like that in the past,” Ms Nyarko fumed.

Touching on the the comparison between the so-called “Godly lifestyle” of old musicians and that of the new generation, Patience Nyarko said Ghanaian should not see them (old stars) as angels “because they also had their shortfalls as humans so Ghanaians should take note of that and stop chastising us”.

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