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Abedi Pele AyewAbedi Pele has reacted to a revelation about how his move to Monaco was aborted

Former Marseille star Abedi Ayew Pele says ex-club president Bernard Tapie may have overstepped his boundaries with his antics to sign him in 1987.

Tapie, in a recent interview, revealed how he scuppered the playmaker's proposed move to Monaco by conspiring with an official of Les Monegasques to declare the Ghanaian HIV positive ahead of his medical to kill off Monaco's interest, making way for Marseille to snap up the then Mulhouse man.

“I was completely zoned out with regards to that decision by whilom Olympique Marseille president Bernard Tapie," Abedi told Kasapa FM.

“I was totally oblivious when it comes to that issue but he went too far. "I feel he overstepped his boundaries if his real intention was to ward off competition from rivals.

"I am very glad the truth has been revealed now, making whatever was said impertinent."

Ayew went on to achieve great things with Marseille, famously winning the Champions League with the side in 1993. He also won two French topflight titles - in 1991 and 19

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