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Microwaves are one of the greatest inventions- granted, but putting these things in a microwave is the worst thing you do. 

Microwaves are usually for the easy fixes and quick reheats but it might not always be the safe alternative. 

These are 5 things you should never place inside a microwave – for your own good. 


Even though you may be just reheating for a few minutes, avoid the temptation. Styrofoam containers are made from polystyrene foam, which is a type of plastic. 

And we all know we are not supposed to microwave plastic. Notice how it looks different after microwaving? 

It's releasing toxic chemicals that will be harmful to you inside the food.


Don’t try to boil water inside a microwave. Unless it has something, like a teabag, inside it to defuse the energy. 

Otherwise, the water will superheat but would be unable to physically boil with the vessel remaining cool, which would result in an upward explosion once you dip anything inside it. 

Hot peppers

The microwave vaporizes the capsaicin and retains it inside. Capsaicin is the active compound which makes peppers spicy. the moment you open the microwave door, the vapour will come out and burn your face. 

Aluminium foil

Just like metal, placing aluminium foil in a microwave can send supercharged plasma shooting through your appliance which could start a fire. Preferably, transfer your leftovers from the foil into a microwave safe bowl.


This won't result in flames but you will be left with dry soul-less bread.

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