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Cecilia Marfo 1Cecilia Marfo
A close friend of Gospel musician Cecilia Marfo has revealed that all allegations against the gospel musician are not true.

According to Bishop Agbe Jnr, who is said to be a close friend of Cecilia Marfo, it is just a plan to tarnish the image of the hard-working Gospel musician.

Speaking on Radio 1, the Radio Presenter said he has been with Cecilia Marfo for a long and he knows what she is capable of doing and what she can't do.

"Whatever they are saying about Cecilia is not true, they just want to tarnish her image I know Cecilia very well. How can a woman of God and a gospel musician ask someone to strip naked in front of her so she could pray for him?, I Know her she will not and can not do that, all the negative are not true", he explained.

Not Long ago, the former cook identified as Godwin in an interview with Ghpage TV disclosed that there was a day that he had a revelation and went to the musician to tell her about the revelation after telling her about it, all she said was to ask him to strip naked and put his manhood in her palms so she could pray on it for him.

Another man known as Gideon, a man claiming to be an associate pastor of Rev. Cecilia Marfo the gospel musician and founder of Cecilia Marfo Prayer Centre aka Tsoo Boyee has alleged that Cecilia Marfo does not have the spirit of God in her. She is a hypocrite and a cheat.

According to Gideon, even before Cecilia Marfo went to Kumasi for her prayer conference where she ended up slapping Brother Sammy and accused him of indulging in Juju, she cheated on her husband.

Gospel musician Brother Sammy also alleged that songstress Cecelia Marfo has had a sexual encounter with her driver.

Since the beginning of the year, there has been an allegation against her by some of her former associates who have accused her of using marine spirit at her prayer camp and also hypnotizing them to do things against their will.

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