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Badu Kobi Lens ImageProphet Emmanuel Badu Kobi
Founder and leader of the Glorious Wave Chapel International Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi has heaped praise on Rev. Obofour Antwi. 

Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi has revealed why Rev. Obofour Antwi is the top pastor in Ghana at the moment. 

According to the popular preacher man, no pastor in Ghana currently can be compared to his spiritual ‘son’ Rev Obofour.

Speaking to his church members on his birthday, Prophet Badu Kobi expressed the joy of having Rev. Obofuour as his spiritual son. 

He explained that there’s no match for him in terms of how he runs his ministry, humility, and service to him and Ghanaians as well as his kindness. 

The preacher man recalled how some Ghanaians criticized him for dashing out money, as he praised Rev. Obofour for dashing out money to people. 

Prophet Badu Kobi went on to jab those who criticizes Rev. Obofour for spending lavishly and living a luxurious life. 

He said even though Rev Obofour is mostly in the midst of several controversies relating to his luxurious lifestyle and his ministry, he is but a blessing from God to Ghana and the world at large.

He added that he sees no end in sight for Rev Obofour’s riches and luxurious lifestyle since God will continue blessing him.

In his speech, the preacher man jabbed Ghanaians who he claimed are always willing to bring people down. 

He stated that Ghanaians from Kumasi especially are the ones envious of people as he warned them to stop such an attitude. 

Prophet Badu Kobi said that in their kingdom, the glory of the latter house shall be greater than the former. 

Meanwhile, published a story after videos of Prophet Badu Kobi's plush birthday celebration went viral. 

The preacher man was seen swimming in money as friends and other pastors showered gifts on him.

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