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Berla Mundi Turns 30 2Television and radio personality, Berla Mundi
Television and radio personality, Berla Mundi, has been severely criticized after adding her voice to the Anas-Kennedy Agyapong issue.

It all started when Berla Mundi took to her Twitter platform to share her thoughts on the menace of corruption in the country, this is what Berla wrote:

"But on the real, corruption won’t stop until people are exposed. I’m in no position to judge Anas’s mode of investigative journalism but he has opened our eyes to the canker in this country. Many leaders and people in powerful positions are the reason Africa is developing at such a slow pace and maybe, just maybe, this is the only way to make them sit up and think about the real people suffering instead of their families and pockets!!!

People are dying every minute due to lack of facilities and negligence, children are being deprived of quality education More because ‘snakes’ are swallowing monies meant to develop the country, some young people are being forced into armed robbery, fraud, etc to survive because there are no jobs, people are suffering!!! Yet, most leaders are having a ball, flying their families around the world in private jets et all with the taxpayers’ monies.... This has got to stop and if they won’t, then they have to be exposed. We are all not perfect but we deserve to enjoy the fruits of our labor too.

Seconds after the post, some social media users retweeted the 'clever' message by Berla Mundi but also took the opportunity to remind the radio presenter of her past 'cheating with a married man' sins.

Still on social media, investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, took to Twitter to start the 'I AM Anas challenge'.

This challenge saw thousands of fans post pictures of themselves claiming to be the investigative journalist. So far, Anas has not confirmed whether or not these pictures by the politician are his but popular presenter, Nana Aba

Anamoah has confirmed the pictures and even bashed the television network. It could mean that the entire social media campaign by Anas is meant to create duplicates on his exact identity.

As it stands now, the Ghana Journalist Association (GFA) has kicked against moves to release the photos of Anas as president of the association, Affail Monney is calling for the investigative journalist to be protected.

Anas Aremeyaw Anas has been respected as the most feared investigative journalist in Africa. Having used deep investigative skills to uncover grave cases of corruption in Ghana and across the African continent.

The investigative journalist uncovered so many corrupt practices from the Tema Ports, Judiciary, Police department and now the Ghana Football Association.

So many public officials are not happy at Anas especially when they believe he is not just encroaching on the privacy of people but also using unauthorized means to retrieve information.

There is no doubt that Anas feels unsafe. Just the fact that he covers his face with masks and beads and even visits places and conferences in heavy security is enough proof that the Tiger Eye journo is always unsafe.

So many powerful officials have stood against what Anas Aremeyaw has been doing. There is no denying the fact that so many people want to clear Anas off their path.

He is an investigative journalist and would do everything possible to get in his way and if possible annihilate him. It is for this reason that Anas would always have to watch his steps just so he does not risk losing everything he spent years building.

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