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Jail90Police negligence is reported to have caused the jailbreak
Some three inmates at the Bodi police station in the Western region have escaped the cells when the two officers on duty left their post unmanned on April 29 2018.

The negligence of the policemen on duty at the time of the incident is said to be as a result of the two accompanying some of the inmates to throw off feces at a distance away from the police station.

According to the information available, the Police officers who left their guard leading to the free ran of the suspects are Sergeant Samuel Asare and Corporal Owusu Mensah Richmond.

The escapees are Kwesi Timothy, 22, Sampson Koah, also 22 and Eric Ayensu 28, and are currently on a manhunt list by the police.

Three broke out of the prison upon suspecting that there were no guards at the police station.

The policemen are to face a disciplinary act for their negligence.

Source: ghanaguardian

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