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Gadamm2Fancy Gadam
Fancy Gadam had his share of the troubles of Deloris Frimpong Manso, popularly kmown as Delay on the 'Delay Show' today, March 25.

Delay, the self-proclaimed queen of talk shows in Ghana did not mince words when she started interviewing the reigning VGMA new discovery of the year.

According to Delay, there was a lot of controversies surrounding the category he won at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards last year as people tipped other musicians to have won it yet Fancy Gadam is busily eyeing the artiste of the year category at the same awards this year.

"People were not at peace with the fact that you took the award to the Northern Region because they think you didn't deserve it and now you come back and want to be given the artiste of the year.

My question is who do you think you are?" Delay asked. Fancy Gadam in response to Delay's question said he deserves the artiste of the year because he has been the only artiste who has single-handedly filled a stadium.

Born Mujahid Ahmed Bello, the musician said he is big and his fans know that and that's they voted for him last year. Fancy Gadam won the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards discovery of the year. The musician has said in other media reports that no artiste in Ghana deserves the VGMA artiste of the year better than him.

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