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Kaakie SmileDancehall artiste, Kaakie
Dancehall artiste cum practicing nurse Kaakie has shared key tips on how to combat common ‘female’ reproductive health condition ‘Candidiasis’.

According to her, this health challenge that appears to trouble a lot of women is ‘absolutely’ preventable.

In an educative Instagram post, she revealed that it’s a big NO NO to engage in sex or consume alcohol while treating ‘Candidiasis’.

Here’s how the “Too Much” hitmaker put it –

1. Drugs used to treat Candidiasis, don't like ALCOHOL as well as SEX!

2. If you want to recover from Candidiasis quickly ALWAYS TREAT AT NIGHT. The reason is that at night there is less movement hence less friction to the delicate skin over there.

3. Love yourself especially your organ and Treat it Right!

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